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16 Jan 2007

A graphical presentation of MLF types with a linear-time local unification algorithm - TLDI 2007

Created: 14 Feb 2006

Didier Rémy and I have written a paper on a graph-based presentation of the types of the MLF language. This paper has been presented at the TLDI'07 workshop. The submitted version of the paper (with a few typos corrected) is available, as well as a black and white version, and the slides I presented at the workshop.

Since its publication, we have made some important revisions to this work. A much developed version is available as Part 1 of my PhD dissertation.

The abstract of the paper, as well as a BibTeX entry, can be found in my publications page.

This work is the continuation of what I presented at the APPSEM II Workshop, and entirely supersedes it.

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